Thursday, July 26, 2018

বেসরকারি স্কুল ও কলেজের জনবল কাঠামো ও MPO নীতিমালা প্রকাশ

Private Education Institute MPO Rules 2018

Private Education Institute MPO Rules 2018. Like government education institutions, the government has to make financial management policies for private educational institutions. A joint secretary of the Ministry of Education has given the responsibility to finalize the draft of the policy. The information is available in the relevant sources. According to sources, the policy for private educational institutions will make in accordance with the financial management of government institutions. Joint Secretary (Development) Mahmudul Islam has given the responsibility to draft the policy.

The Education Ministry on Tuesday (July 17th), the Education Ministry and the Secretary of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, coordinated the meeting with all the Wing Chiefs, to coordinate the Deputy Commissioner (DC) conference on July 24-26. In the meeting, the Deputy Commissioners discussed the issue of the ministry and directed them for further action.

The complaints of financial irregularities in private schools at the district level were repeatedly. There are allegations that the tuition fees are different but they do not spend it transparently. Money in one sector is spent in another sector. Due to these reasons, there is no discipline in different establishments. Parents also get dissatisfied with the additional money collected from students. Conflicts arise among other teachers including the head of the institution. A policy decision has taken to overcome these irregularities and to bring meaningful clarity.

Professor Ziaul Haque, chairman of the Dhaka Education Board, said, ‘100 percent salary given to private educational institutions of MPO. That is why there is a need for transparency and accountability in the affairs of the organization. The policy is being done to prevent irregularities.

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