Sunday, December 23, 2018

Diversity Visa Lottery (DV) online application started: Apply Now Here

Eligible candidates who are strongly recommended to register as soon as possible. The system delays due to the huge demand for the last days of the registration period.

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1. To be eligible to enter the Green Card Lottery, you must be a qualified country

To qualify for the United States Diversity Visa Lottery, you must be an American citizen or national born in the United States of America, which is associated with lower immigration migration rates in the United States. Higher US immigration immigrants born in the country are excluded from this immigration program.

See the table below, whose countries are currently excluded from the immigration lottery program this year. Please note, the eligibility is determined by the country of your birth only, not based on the citizenship or the country of current living. 

The most common misconceptions made by applicants when entering this immigration program

2. Learning or working experience qualifying for the Green Card Lottery

Applicants must be born in an eligible country (see above requirements 1.) as well as the following two requirements (option 1 or option 2) for the US citizen or United States of America to qualify for the United States Diversity Visa Lottery. Below):

Option 1:

The applicant must have done a US High School education or equivalent to overseas foreign education in a US. "High school education or equivalent" means successful completion of the twelve-year course of primary and secondary education in the United States or successful completion of 12 years of primary and secondary education courses in other countries. In the US

Passing a High School Equality Test is not enough. If the study course is equivalent to the higher secondary education, it is permitted to complete the education of a person under the age of twelve or more. Or

You can not satisfy these requirements while entering the United States Diversity Visa Lottery, but your name will be requested by the Consular Officer after you are selected for a draw and you will receive officially apply for your permanent residence (green card) visa. That's three immigration forms. People who do not meet the two requirements mentioned above can not apply for permanent immigration card for this immigration program because they will become ineligible.

If you are elected, you only need to provide education, work experience and proof of native country. Due to this we do not request this documentation of online document form.

If you do not qualify for entry into the United States Diversity Visa Lottery, you can apply for the Danish Green Card which will help you to work and settle in any European Union (EU) anywhere.

Immigrants are allowed to migrate to Denmark under the renewable 3-year Danish Green Card to search for immigrants.

Note, this is not a lottery, but the eligibility is only determined by merit. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can submit your application to the Danish government and receive your Danish Green Card. A Danish Green Card lets you stay and work in any EU country you prefer for three years.

This is a great opportunity for a professional looking for career and life in the EU, as many European Union countries are facing the loss of qualified employees

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