Monday, March 23, 2020

National University Has Published A New Notice About Exam & Form Fillup 2020

At present, all educational institutions across the country have been declared closed due to the corona virus. In keeping with that infrastructure, the National University and all their activities have been announced until March 31.
New Notice About Exam & Form Fillup 2020
New Notice About Exam & Form Fillup 2020

However, the admission and formalization of various sessions in various colleges of the National University was prevalent even after being declared closed for so long. However, at a special notice today, all the activities of the National University were again announced in full.

All the sessions that were filled out and filled in forms will be closed till March 31. And after the situation returns to normal this time again notice will be issued.

It should be noted that the Honors 4th year was underway at the National University and the Master's Examination is scheduled to be held from March 28, but it has been declared temporarily suspended due to corona virus.

No new notices have been released yet.

However, as the effects of the corona virus continue to increase day by day, it is expected that a notice regarding the new test routine will be released again on After March 28.

We were requested to stay with us without being misled by the wrong information. We will first bring you the right news on our site

New Notice About Exam & Form Fillup 2020
New Notice About Exam & Form Fillup 2020

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